Monday, January 3, 2011

App. D : Tenets of Islam and Glossary

Abd Salve; e.g. Abdullah-slave of God
Abu Father of
Al Mahadi ‘Guided one’, belief of Muslims that he will appear in
the last days to lead them.
Aya(t) A sentence or verse of the Koran
Bida An ‘innovation’ in Muslim belief or practice; heresy
But Idol, image
Dar-Al-Harb The abode of war; a country belonging to infidels
Dar-ul-Islam The abode of Islam; a country where the law of Islam is in force.
Dhikr Remembering Allah; a religious ceremony
Dhimmi A member of a protected religion tolerated on payment of certain taxes and on acceptance of an inferior social status
Din Religion, especially the practical duties of Muslims
Faqih A doctor of the sharia; a canon lawyer of Islam
Fatiha ‘The opening one’; the first chapter of the Koran used as a prayer
Fatwa A legal decision based on the shariat
Hadith or Hadis A tradition of the saying or practice of the Prophet
Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca
Hijra Prophet’s flight from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD; the Mulsim era
Iblis the Devil
Ibn Son of
Ijma Consensus of the Islamic community
Imam Leader in prayer; leader of the whole community of Islam
Jahannam Hell
Jannat Heaven, paradise
Jihad The duty of Muslims to fight all unbelievers
Jiziya The poll tax paid by dhimmis
Kafir An infidel i.e. a non-Muslim
Khalifa or Caliph The successor of the Prophet and hence head of all Muslims, combining in himself both the temporal and religious powers
Khuda God
Kiyas or Qiyas Method of reasoning by analogy
Kufr Blasphemy
Muhajit A refugee
Nabi Prophet

Namaz Prescribed prayers
Rasul Apostle
Sahih Aithentic, genuine
Sharia Islamic law consisting of the teachings of the Koran; the sunna of the Prophet which is incorporated in the recognised traditions; the consensus of the scholars of the orthodox Community; the method of reasoning by analogy.
Shirk the unpardonable sin of associating anyone or anything with Allah
Sunna The practice of the Prophet or a tradition recording the same
Sura Chapters of Koran
Talaq Divorcing (a woman)
Ulema A scholar especially in religious subjects; the whole Muslim ecclesiastical class
Urs Ceremonies observed at a shrine on the anniversary of the death of a ‘saint’
Zina Adultery, fonication
Zindiq Dualist, heretic

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